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Questions and Answers

October 1996

1. Which city was once named York? (Moscow, Toronto, Seattle, Cincinnati, Manila)

2.What does the Greek prefix -omni mean?

3.Name two words in the current English language starting with dw.
dwarf, dwell, dwindle

4.At his death, how old was Jerry Garcia?(59, 57, 24, 60, 53)

5.In which year did the Mets pull off their "miracle"?

6.In What year was the world's first postage stamp issued.(Give or take 10 years)

7.Which U.S. State is known as the "Tar Heel State"?
North Carolina

8.When a web address ends in "mil", what kind of site is it?
a military site

9.Who is the drink, the Bloody Mary, named after?
Mary I, Queen of England

10.Who said "You know what a tank is...It's a used car with protection from the finance company."?
Bobe Hope(Number 10 was way too hard, no one got it)

Thanks to everyone who played. Good luck next month.

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