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Questions and Answers

November 1996

1.Which city is the capital of Austria?(Montreal, Vienna, Lima, Berlin, or Manila)

2.Who won the World Series in 1991?
Minnesota Twins

3.What does "filch" mean?
To steal, often to steal something small

4.In French, what does "chien" mean?(cat, swim, dog, cow, or kill)

5.Who was arrested for killing JFK?
Lee Harvey Oswald

6.Which U.S. state is known as the "Blue Grass State"?

7.What major space event happened in 1969?
The U.S. sent men to the moon.

8.Who drew the Mona Lisa?
Leonardo Da Vinci

9.Which group wrote "Yellow Submarinew"?

10.When rolling two die, what is the chance of rolling two ones?
1:35 or 1 out of 36

Thanks to everyone who played, and good luck next month.

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