Trivia Champs

March 1997

This month was very hard. I'd have to say to participation was great, but not as great as last month's. (Still haven't gotten over 100 entries in a month!) The average score was about a 4 out of 10, yet there were still some people who got 10 out of 10. How they do it, I can't figure it out. Thanks to everyone who entered. Due to space and time restraints, I only listed the top finishers.


1. Serge Botsaris
1. anynomous
1. Leslie Frates


4. Paul M

5. Dik Meyer
5. Mike Ziniti

7. Lou Cairoli
7. Robert Martin

9. Jake Parrott
9. jen
9. anynomous
9. chris
9. anynomous

As soon as we reach the 5 out of 10 mark, there is way too many too list. However, everybody who entered did a great job.

Last month's champs
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