Trivia Champs

June 1997

Last month I made a horrible mistake on question number 7. I asked for the month that was 'lunedi' in Italian. The question should have asked for the day of the week instead of the month. So, I dropped that question. However, two people, Dave Hanson and Bobby Kennedy both realized my mistake. They gave me the correct answer, Monday. I gave both of them 1 extra point for that. Here are all of the top finishers:


1. Bobby Kennedy


2. Paul M
2. Da Kid


4. Dave Hanson
4. Paul Heaton


6. Dale Medley
6. Russ


8. Lynne Justice
8. oly pimps
8. anynomous
8. Leanne

Even if you didn't make it onto the champs board, thanks for playing. Better luck next month!!

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