Questions and Answers

July 1997

1. How many inches are in one square foot? (144, 12 ,256, 482, or 2560)

2. In the movie, The Nutty Professor, Eddie Murphy morphs into the skinny character known as ___________.
Buddy Love

3. Which mammal is considered the largest alive?
Blue Whale

4. "a state or scene of uproar and confusion" could be the definition for: (dun, debonair, covert, bedlam, or recondite)

5. Which element is abbreviated He?

6. Which state is known as the "Nutmeg State"?

7. In chess, which piece is considered most important?
Caught alot of people putting "Queen" down here, but the King is really the most important piece!

8. How many time zones cover the lower 48 states?

9. In his final year with the Red Sox, he hit just .259. Which third baseman won the World Series with the Yankees last year?
Wade Boggs

10. Of the five great lakes, which is largest?

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