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February 1997

1."Al dente" is a cooking term refering to: (potato, fish, pasta, pies, eggs)

2.How many were stranded on Gilligan's Island?

3. Which former baseball player said,"I ain't said half the things I said."
Yogi Berra

4.The first gymnast to score a perfect "10" in the Olympics was from: (Russia, China, Bulgaria, Japan, Romania)

5.How many died when the Challenger exploded?

6. Which state is known as the "Garden States"?
New Jersey

7. Who populized the song "I Left My Heart in San Francisco"?
Frank Sinatra OR Tony Bennett

8. Which NHL team has won the most championships?
Montreal Canadians

9. Give or take 6 years, when did Walt Disney World open?

10. Which nation has the capital of Port-au-Prince?

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