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Questions and Answers

December 1996

1.Which comic strip character lives in Okefenokee swamp?(Broom Hilda, Hagar, Pogo, Shoe, or Dilbert)

2.Which insurance company "gives you a piece of the rock?"

3.Who won the first Super Bowl?
Green Bay

4.The "Pentagon Papers" concerned U.S. involvment in which country?(Somalia, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, or Iran)

5.Who wrote the poem "The Road Not Taken"?
Robert Frost

6.Which state is known as the "Green Mountain State"?

7.What does "expound" mean?
To explain or interpret

8.How many inches off the floor is a regulation basketball rim?
The key word here was inches, the answer is 120

9.Usually, what color is Serpentine?

10.Give or take 10 years, when did the Titanic sink?

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