Questions and Answers

August 1997

These were tough questions this month and they tripped up alot of people.

1. Sailors repeatedly mistook which animal for a mermaid: (seal, manatee, dolphin, man o' war, narwhale)

2. Victoria was one of six former British colonies which on January 1, 1901 united to form which country?

3. To the nerest tenth of a mile, how long is a marathon?
I was surprised, but nearly no one got this. It's 26.2 miles.

4. According the the Chinese cycle, 1994 ws the Year of the ________.(pig, cow, ape, cat, dog)

5. Within a range of 20 years, when was the Smithsonian founded?

6. Which U.S. state is known as the "Grand Canyon State"?

7. Which actor starred in 1955's hit, Rebel Without a Cause?
James Dean8. Which airport is the busiest in the U.S.?
Chicago's O'Hare

9. Which country is the top destination for tourists?
This one tripped up everyone. It's not the U.S. Not by a long shot. France easily takes this title.

10. Who holds the all time baseball stolen base record?
Rickey Henderson

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